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If I get sick over the weekend or after regular hours, what should I do?


If I get sick over the weekend or after regular hours, what should I do?

Below are tips to assure you receive  the best quality care at the lowest cost to you:
If you are unsure or if you know your health issues are less serious, follow the steps below:

  • First, if you begin to feel ill during the week, have any sort of symptoms that are not normal or perceive differences in the way you feel, make sure to call and ask for guidance or to be seen during office hours at your Beacon office.  Addressing problems as early as possible is the best and typically the most cost effective approach.  If you're sick and need to be seen, please call and say so as early in the day as possible and we can nearly always work you in to be seen that day. 
If you have conditions which occur after hours or over the weekend which create concern and cannot wait until Monday:

 Children's Care: 

On the weekends, our Pediatric offices are available for limited hours on Saturdays and early/late extended hours during certain times of the year (your children's Beacon Pediatric office will give you specifics for their location's availability)

  • After hours during the week or weekend, all calls to our offices will forward to our answering service or our Nurse triage service where your specific problem's details and contact numbers will be requested. Your issue will be triaged and your call will be returned to help evaluate your situation and give you the advice best suited to address your problem.
  • Beacon Health Alliance now offers the Beacon Night Clinic at Children's Diagnostic Center, where your child can be seen by pediatric-trained providers on evenings and weekends - walk-ins welcome!
  • Night Clinic hours:
    Monday through Saturday 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm
    Sunday noon to 8:00 pm

 Women's/Adult Health Issues:  

  • After hours during the week or weekend, call your Beacon Office about your problem.  Our answering service will take your call, ask for basic information and forward this on directly to the group's physician on call. This physician will then return your call and address your concerns in the best way possible for the circumstances. 


Note Regarding Prescription Refills After Hours: Since your personal physician may not be on call when you call in after hours, do not expect routine prescription medicines and potent/controlled medicines to be called in for you. Such issues can best be addressed during office hours by your personal provider who is familiar with your health history.  Please understand in these situations we are simply following  best practice standards in medicine by doing so.  If you have standing prescriptions which you forgot to refill before the weekend or your prescription expired and you did not see your doctor about refills yet, your pharmacist  will have certain provisions under which they may be able to refill these for limited quantities for you until you can contact your physician's office the first business day following.    Please contact your pharmacist directly in such circumstances.